I am a commercial/corporate photographer,
with a wide experience in shooting sports.
Taking pictures of snowboarding has been
my passion for ages.

With an eye for the aesthetics and my heart for the action,
I've gained a firm footstep among the sport I love
as well as in photography.
Shooting snowboarding is one of the toughest
schools you can imagine.

The days are endless and the conditions are harsh.
In order to capture what you see,
you need to be technically very very good.
To capture and share what you feel,
you need to know the sport inside out.

I've learned from the best,
and that keeps me setting the bar high.
With the talented people I work with,
and with the team I have behind me,
impossible is getting hard to describe.
Try us.

Ville Lahtinen   I   Photographer located at Helsinki, Finland